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Abundant Giveaways and Adorable Pet Shows Waiting for you in China Pet Fair

Splendid Events for Three Days
More Highlights in China Pet Fair(CPF)
CPF, the Blockbuster of Pet Industry

The Magnificent Bengal Cat at CPF

Nothing could be impossible. In the Middle East, the rich could even pet the leopard; while in South Africa, people could race with the leopard. However, it could be a little bit unimaginable to pet the Bengal cat. Actually, the Bengal cat is more of a sport animal that is alert to its surroundings. Bengal cat boasts many personalities, such as amity, curiosity, confidence, power, agility, balance and elegance, etc. And its lovely and good-looking appearance attracts a flood of fans. Looking forward to getting much closer to the Bengal cat? Then come to Pazhou during April 7-9.

Eye-catching Alpaca Gracing CPF

To inject more vividness to CPF 2017, the host unit manages to develop the pet varieties. On the spot, we have a chance to get a glimpse of the expensive dogs and cats. Besides, the alpacas from Jiangxi Province will be present on site and have interaction with visitors. 

Lovely Cat World

CPF is in partnership with several high-profile cat shops to create the Cat World area. A variety of cats will gather to show off their charms such as Garfield with big eyes, Ragdoll with princess temperament, Berman cat with fine fur, etc. 

NGKC Pet Grooming Competition

Pet grooming is not just to wash the pet dogs or cats, to some extent is to beautify the pets with the help of top beauty products and cutting technique, exquisite dye methods. It is projected to invite more than 200 pet groomers to attend the NGKC Pet Grooming Competition which will kick off on April 9. The visitors are able to experience the beauty process for pets. 

NGKC Dog Contest

Even there are only two days for the competition, the NGKC Dog Contest will be scheduled with a lot of time and energy to arrange. Firstly, one dog of best performance will be chosen as the representative dog species to contest with other species. A batch of professional pet judges will be present to conduct the event. NGKC Dog Contest is to be grandly held during April 7-8.

Dogs Sport Meeting

Dogs National Games 

In the last Dogs National Games held for three days at Wuhan, 208 outstanding dogs from Wuhan and other surrounding cities actively participated in the 6 sports events and more than 5,000 pet lovers were present on site. Dogs National Games creatively ran out the ‘Dog Duke’ as the endorsing dog of Wuhan, and awarded with 1688 yuan prizes. Needless to say, Dogs National Games of this session that inaugurates in Guangzhou is bound to surprise every one. Warmly welcomes you and your beloved dog to join it!

Dog Training Show

Would wonder surrounds you that how to train a policy dog? Have you ever experienced the process of dog training? In the last CPF, the brilliant dog training show had drawn much attention on site and won a standing ovation. The spectacular show was really breathtaking.

Abundant Giveaways Dazzle You

Abundant giveaways are waiting for you to take home! As the largest pet fair in South China region, CPF 2017 has joined hands with the the well-known pet shops to hand out the exquisite gifts of good quality.
Public Goods and Free Adoption

In each exhibition or fair, the host units will cooperate with the pet aid agencies to hold the public goods and free adoption event on site. For those who have great love and ability to foster the pets, they can adopt the dogs or cats for free. Looking at their adorable and lovely faces, it is hard to leave them alone. And thanks for the adopter, it is promising for the pets to have a warm home and owner.

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