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CPF 2017 is Delivered in Nationwide Pet Markets

After 2 editions of CPF (China International Pet Industry Fair), a positive brand image has been established widely among worldwide insiders. However, in order to invite quality buyers and exhibitor by making good use of nationwide industry resources, CPF committee takes its promotion campaign to a national level.

Tremendous Results Yielded on the Trip
This December, our promotion team has traveled from Zhejiang, Shanghai, to Henan, Hubei and Hunan to personally delivered our invitations to the hands of local insiders, including pet product and pet wholesalers, retailers, distributors, dealers, manufacturers/breeders, suppliers, etc. The highly-targeted promotion campaign has been a great success. We have paid visit to every local major wholesale markets where we have gleaned various useful market information and effectively raised the visibility of CPF among quality potential exhibitors and visitors, most of whom have shown us their generous supports and interest. 

                        CPF 2016 in Guangzhou and Wuhan

Further Details About the Promotion Campaign

− Wenzhou and Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province
Zhejiang Province is one of the strongest manufacturing powers in China. Especially Wenzhou and Yiwu cities are most famous for their prosperous light industry, providing a considerable number of the world’s consumer goods, including pet products. It is said that the production capacity of Wenzhou’s manufacturers alone can meet 80% domestic market demand.
One by one, we knocked the doors of pet product wholesale stores. After establishing mutual trust between each other, a good number of shop owners registered on site as our visitors and exhibitors, and volunteered to advertise CPF 2017 for us by inviting other insiders to take a group trip to the fair.


                                In Wenzhou  


                                      In Yiwu

− Shanghai City    

With a very extensive industry chain, Shanghai is one of the cities with the most pets in China, accounting for about 9.08%. As an international metropolis, Shanghai has a  pet industry not only thriving offline, but also online. In the wholesale stores of Shanghai, we have learned that besides physical stores, online pet shops have now become a major source of orders. After leafing through our promotion materials, most store owners expressed their interest to come to the fair and expand their market.

                                                In Shanghai

− Zhengzhou City, Henan Province

Revisiting the wholesale market of Zhengzhou, we encountered a lot of familiar faces who had attended CPF 2016. During our conversations, we received a great number of approvals from our visitors, most of whom expressed their intention to attend and their expectation for the upcoming edition.

                                                  In Zhengzhou

− Wuhan City, Hubei Province

Wuhan is also one of the biggest pet markets in China. According to insiders’ estimation, there are about 300,000 to 500,000 pet dogs in Wuhan, which explains why Wuhan is chosen as one of the host city of CPF. After the success of CPF 2016, a lot of wholesale store owners recognized us immediately and gave us their warm welcome. A majority of exhibitors and visitors showed us their intention to attend the next edition and some even offered us their constructive suggestions to improve our show.

                                                 In Wuhan

− Changsha City, Hunan Province

Changsha City, as the provincial capital of Hunan Province, has gather most of Changsha’s top pet product suppliers. This was our second visit to the wholesale market of Changsha, and most old visitors and store owners responded actively to our promotion. Some of them even volunteered to help us distribute promotion materials, which reflected their supports and trust for our fair. Thanks to the convenient transportation net connecting Changsha and Guangzhou, most wholesale shop owners said that they would like to come to Guangzhou next April for CPF 2017.

                                        In Changsha

Welcome to CPF 2017!

With the advent of 2017, CPF will continue to push forward its promotion campaign not only nationally, but also globally. We are sincerely expecting the arrival of worldwide professionals!
If you are interested in visiting CPF 2017 or showcasing your products, please contact us to register now!  
China (Guangzhou) International Pet Industry Fair 2017 (CPF 2017)
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