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CPF Yacht Salon Revealing China’s Upcoming Golden 5 Years of Pet Industry

Concluded successfully this November in Panyu, Guangzhou, CPF Pet Industry Elite Yacht Salon was hosted by Guangdong Grandeur International Exhibition Group, Guangzhou Mingyi Exhibition, etc. Gathering over 20 outstanding distributors and brands, this event intended to explore the future of pet industry. Insiders present have reached a conclusion that after the rapid development in the last few years, pet industry is entering its golden 5 years.

Elite of Chinese pet industry gathering on board
Pet Care Industry to Exceed 15 Billion RMB in the Next 3 Years
According to an authoritative survey, China ranks third in the number of pet dogs (27.4 million), next only to America (55.3 million) and Brazil (35.7 million), and  second in the number of pet cats, which is 58.1 million (80.6 million pet cats in America). As of 2014, there are about 30 million families in China that keep dogs as pets, accounting for 7% of Chinese households, while about 2% families keep cats. So far, the number of Chinese pet owners ranks among the top three in the globe, which means a large consumer base is going to generate enormous market demand.
It has been reported that China’s pet industry is now booming. According to market research companies, China’s pet care industry is predicted to grow by 50% to 15.8 billion RMB (2.6 billion RMB) by 2019, displacing America—whose growth rate of pet industry was only 4%—as the the biggest pet market in the world.   
Yacht Salon, an Innovative Form to Explore the Future of Pet Industry 
On the morning of 11th, over 20 elites of pet industry gathered in Panyu to board the yacht Grander and set sail. While enjoying scenery alongside, such as HuMen Bridge, Tianhou Palace, etc, professionals discussed the prospect of pet industry from multiple angles based on their experience and expressed their original opinions.
With new ways of thinking, experts, such as Mr. Yu Jianhua, Secretary General of Chinese Pet Products Association, Mr. Zou Liansheng, General Manager of Ramical, Mr. Guo Daxiong, Founder of Xiaoxianliang.com, Mr. Yan Jinshengg, Chairman of FAVOR PETS, Mr. Shao Jianping, General Manager of Nantong Jianghai Pet Products, Mr. Wang Yanyuan, General Manager of Paipus, Mr. Zhang Mingjun, General Manager of Xindingli, Mr. Wang Ruichao, General Manager of Manpubio, Mr. Xu Jinsong, General Manager of Hefei The Hui Pet Products, Mrs. Liu Qing, General Manager of Nanchang Letao Pet Products, etc, analyzed the profound influence of innovation on pet industry and pet market.  
Now pet economy is at a critical juncture, concerning pet product quality, distribution channel reformation, etc. As an important component of China (Guangzhou) International Pet Industry Fair 2017 (CPF 2017), CPF Pet Industry Elite Yacht Salon has provided insiders with opportunities to communicate, cooperate, jointly draw a blueprint for the future of pet industry and achieve win-win development. 
CPF 2017 to Descend on Guangzhou and Wuhan
According to the introduction of Mr. Li Yan, General Manager of Guangzhou Mingyi Exhibition, one of the organizers of CPF, the first stop of CPF 2017 will be Guangzhou International Sourcing Center from April 7th to 9th, 2017, while the second stop will be Wuhan International Expo Centre next September.
With an exhibition scale as big as 30,000㎡, CPF (Guangzhou) 2017 will be concurrently held with China (Guangzhou) Int'l Small Animal Medical Devices and Supplies Fair. Integrating resources of different links in the industrial chain, CPF (Guangzhou) 2017 will be the best trade platform for the industry. CPF (Guangzhou) 2017 and CPF (Wuhan) 2017 will be separately organized by different team in order to ensure their show quality. Not only CPF (Guangzhou) 2017 is expanding its scale, but also stepping up efforts to invite professional visitors. It is estimated that CPF (Guangzhou) 2017 will attract over 500 quality distributors, more than 7000 pet shops, pet hospitals, etc, to purchase. Professional summits, forums, interactive activities, etc, are also scheduled to take place.  
In spite of the fact that 2016 was the first time CPF was held in Wuhan, CPF (Wuhan) 2016 has been a resounding success and become the most influential pet fair in Central China at one stroke. Even though there is still one year before CPF (Wuhan) 2017, a lot of enterprises have made booth reservation, which shows their strong approval and supports to CPF.   

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